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Netsach, which means to soar greater heights is indeed scaling new heights under the efficient hegemony of Founder & CEO – Mr. John Prakash Jha, and Mrs. Emily Jha – Co Founder & COO.

We have the expertise in providing Security Audit services related to Infrastructure and Application/Web/Cloud/IoT Security and currently working with CoE Cyber security of Karnataka Govt and other private and governing authorities. We at Netsach are experts in delivering human resources exclusively for the Cybersecurity sector.

Netsach is birthed out to serve the society with its multiple talents and expertise by helping people to get the right cyber security assistance and by allocating the right resources at the right places and using technology to promote welfare of the community by making things simple and reachable has been making a remarkable difference in the business and social sector. Netsach is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs aspiring to start. John and Emily aim and pray that Netsach would be like a light shining that would guide others to the right path in their professional lives and thereby serve the community through cyber security and human resources.

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